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The Preschool Academy for your Baby, Toddler + Preschooler with Ruthie

Start learning all about ANIMALS each week. Each week there is a literature focus, NEW vocabulary, song + printables. You also get a simple Curriculum Plan to follow each week with easy to do engaging early learning activities that meet the developmental needs of your child.

$3 per week paid monthly - $12 per month

$3 per week paid monthly
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ONE TIME OFFER ONLY $47: Have all of Ruthie's, Literacy, Dramatic Play, Play Days, Learning Centres + Room organisation Printables. Included in the hub are also SONGS Ruthie has written as well as SKILLS videos to practice with your baby, toddler and preschooler!

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Here’s What You'll Get…
  • Weekly Easy to Follow Animals Curriculum - Simple ideas that cover Domains of your Child's Learning
  • Weekly Focus Literature - Develop a love for literature, language and books! Each week read a focus text.
  • NEW Reading Vocabulary - start teaching your child to read by reading NEW Animal words each week. 
  • Weekly Number to focus on - start teaching your child to count
  • SING SING SING - teach your child a new song each week that ties in with our weekly introduction of Animals
  • Print off weekly resources - Collect these resources and use them to practice + play basic language and maths games
  • * Access to content is based on a current memebrship 
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