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Hey there! You are going to love The Animal Project you can enjoy with your preschooler. It's all about animals and helping to develop lifelong learners. We have the weekly video and stories on line to develop vocabulary, counting and reading skills. 
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ONE TIME OFFER ONLY $47: Download Ruthie's HUGE PRESCHOOL BUNDLE which includes her ABC RESOURCES - A-Z Point & Say, A-Z Picture Memory, A-Z Cut Colour + Paste, A-Z Listen + Sort, A-Z Phonemic Awareness Clap It, A-Z Art + Craft / Colouring In, Alphabet Rhyming Cards, Alphabet Printable Chart with Pictures, Alphabet Printable Chart with no Pictures. DRAMATIC PLAY - Fire Station Play, Pet Play, Police Play, School Time Play, Artist + Creative Play, Entomologist Play, Hospital Play, Dance School Play, Post Office Play, Honey Shop Play, Zoo Play, Construction Play, Zoo Play. SPECIAL PLAY DAYS - Mother's Day Play Day, Father's Day Play Day, Teddy Bear Picnic Play Day, Remembering ANZACS, Easter Play Day. QUICK PLAY CENTRES - Literacy, Sensory, Maths, Science . ROOM - My First Day, Room Labels, Name Tags, Happy Birthday Chart. CURRICULUM PLANS - Insect, Community Helpers, Sea, Pet, Christmas. ONLY $47 (This offer is not available at ANY other time or place) 

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Here’s What You'll Get…
  • THE ANIMAL PROJECT - Weekly Vocabulary video that focuses on reading and learning new animal  words
  • THE ANIMAL PROJECT PLANNER - Print off your weekly planner with activity ideas that cover each Early Childhood Domain
  • THE ANIMAL PROJECT COLOURING IN :  Print off weekly colouring in, one that focuses on literacy 
  • THE ANIMAL PROJECT NUMBER OF THE WEEK Focus on formation + couting each week with a new number!
  • THE ANIMAL PROJECT NUMBER CARDS 40 CARDS Each number has the word, number, dot and counting picture for each number. Print as A4 or photo cards 
  • THE ANIMAL PROJECT A-Z LETTER CARDS LEarn letter names and sounds with these letter cards that you can print off as A4 or photos. 
  • THE ANIMAL PROJECT READ + PLAYDOUGH MAT  Develop your preschoolers reading, counting and fine motor skills through play!
  • THE ANIMAL PROJECT WEEKLY WORD CARDS Print off weekly focus vocabulary
  • THE ANIMAL PROJECTS YOU TUBE WEEKLY VIDEO Remember each week you have a new video with words, number focus and reading practice.